Landing an interview for the job you want, BOH shares tips

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The unemployment rate is near record low in Hawaii, hovering around 2% in Honolulu. That means employers are having to be creative to find the right candidates. Hawaii Now invited talent acquisition manager Greg Chilson and corporate recruiter Tiffany Mitani from Bank of Hawaii (BOH) to tell us how corporate offices are recruiting and retaining skilled employees.

According to Chilson, employers are spending much more time on college campuses, interacting with student groups and on high school campuses, building partnerships with guidance and career counselors. Employers are looking at transitioning military, and military spouses, even if only for a 2-year and 3-year assignment. They are also focused more on employee referrals, as current employees are some of the best recruiters.

BOH attended one recent career fair with other companies from the State of Wisconsin and the State of Indiana, demonstrating that there’s a lot of recruiting happening right now across the U.S. How can candidates improve their changes? Chilson says network is key. Networking helps candidates figure out what company they want to work for. Having a name and a face always helps both the candidate and the company. Another tip is to tighten up your resume so it ‘sells’ your talents, experiences and education.  ‘Wow” the interviewers by showing up on time, smiling, being gracious, talking story, and of course, following-up. Chilson said, “attempt to be memorable in a good way!  If you were Pooh Bear in Disney World, share the story behind why you did it.”

Corporate organizations like BOH often use employment agencies to help with recruiting. BOH is currently working with Judy Bishop of Bishop & Company. Agency partners help supply temp employees when BOH has project-based needs, and it helps source candidates for direct hire scenarios when BOH needs to stretch its recruiting arm beyond the State of Hawaii. This allows BOH’s small recruiting team to compete against larger companies both in Hawaii and across the United States.

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