Kupuna Wisdom: Jack Bates says staying open to opportunities is how you find success in life

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This month’s featured Kupuna Wisdom is Jack Bates. He credits his success in life to taking advantage of opportunities as they presented themselves. In an interview with HI Now, Bates shared that he never had to hunt for a job and has always had great success in his career. He credits this to doing the best he could every step of the way, in every job and by being ready to take a leap when new doors opened.

From his very first job out of college to being the senior marketing advisor at ‘Olelo Community Media today in 2019, he says one thing led to another and that he was always conscious of new doors opening. His advice to those who aren’t happy with their career: do the best job you can; do your job better or differently, but make an impact. He says that positive attitude will make a difference and help you both today and in the future.

Giving back has always been important to Bates prompting him to get involved with various community organizations, including serving on the board of directors of the American Heart Association, Diamond Head Theatre, Manoa Valley Theatre, and the Honolulu Festival to name a few. He believes if you do your best to make a difference, good things will come.

From his work at ‘Olelo Community Media to his involvement in community service projects, Bates has a full plate, and he’s not ready to stop. He says he’s been very lucky to have had such a diverse career that allowed him to travel and have fun?

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