Kupuna Achiever: Retired principal builds community through education

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Today’s Kupuna Achiever is Dr. Liela Nitta from Lawai, Kauai. Originally from Maui, Nitta had a desire to fulfill her mother’s dream of becoming a teacher and did so with 35 years of teaching under her belt. Nitta went on to become the principal of Ele’ele Elementary on Kauai before obtaining her Ph.D. in Education. One of Nitta’s passions is to help the Hawaiian community through the building of community schools. She is one of the founders of a community school in Papakolea and Kawaikini Charter School on Kauai. Her hope is that through better education, there will be more self-sufficiency within the Hawaiian community and a greater desire for higher education. Dr. Nitta has written three children’s books centered around Native Hawaiian plants and animals which have been used and donated for educational purposes within the school systems.

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