Kupuna Achiever finds joy in volunteering after over 40 years in airline industry

Celebrating four decades of service with Adventist Health Castle

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Eldest of four children, Joyce Patrick was born and raised in Paia, Maui. After graduating from Maui High School in 1957, she enrolled at St. Francis School of Nursing in Honolulu with dreams of become a nurse. Little did she know her true passion would take her high into the sky!

Patrick only practiced as a nurse for six months before joining Pan American as a flight attendant. Between flying and supervisory position with the airline, she spent a total of 42 years in the industry before retiring in 2002.

She began volunteering in 1973, initially working with autistic children. Patrick eventually joined Castle Hospital, now known as Adventist Health Castle, where she recently celebrated 40 years of service in April 2019. In 1983, she then began volunteering with St. Francis Hospice and continues to do so. She says it brings fulfillment to her retirement.

“Service at any level becomes a personal commitment,” she says. “Most people take pride in what they commit themselves to doing and know there’s all kinds of talented volunteers to fit into the needs of their community.”

To those looking to take advantage of opportunities in school or their career, Patrick recommends getting involved in school activities or projects related to the community. She says it lends to building character and personal growth, which makes for a more compassionate and valuable adult and citizen.

“Volunteering has no age limit,” says Patrick. “I have worked with numerous young volunteers and many have returned as adults in the medical field.”

Patrick also believes that in life, attitude is what defines a person.

“If a person’s outlook is positive and open, one is sure to get through life happier and meet life’s challenges more easily. Negativeness seem to only build roadblocks and create frustration,” she explains.

To today’s youth, Patrick hopes they continue to respect their elders. She hopes future generations will keep an open dialogue with their parents and be open to discussions about their goals and ambitions.

“They love you and most likely want to help you attain it,” she adds.

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