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Kamehameha Schools & the next generation of leaders

Kamehameha Schools

What can we expect as Hawaii’s current students graduate and become our next generation of leaders? Kamehameha Schools CEO Jack Wong sat down with middle schooler Emi Shigekane for a candid Q&A.

Within a generation, Mr. Wong believes Kamehameha Schools will see a thriving lāhui, where the learners of today achieve postsecondary educational success, enabling graduates to have a good life and positive career choices. The institution also envisions that members of this generation will be have a foundation of Hawaiian values which empowers them to be leaders within their communities, creating thriving societies.

Kamehameha Schools believes good quality education can lead to creating a successful life and dynamic communities, but there is simply a limited supply of opportunities.  Right now, the number of native Hawaiian learners outpaces the capacity of a single organization, campus, and programs. As more native Hawaiian learners are being born into the world each day, the risk of being stagnant increases. By 2040, Kamehameha Schools estimates another 100,000 people in that population. School leaders believe the time to increase opportunities for native Hawaiians is now.  At the same time, the Hawaiian community now has infrastructure, resources and standing that give native Hawaiians a better platform than ever to make these transformative commitments.

Kamehameha Schools is committed to making change happen and to make it matter. To do that the school is thinking differently about how to achieve the conditions that allow students to learn and thrive, with a healthy appetite for innovation and strategic risk taking. The school is  forging new partnerships with other schools such as Assets, Board of Education, Chaminade, University of Hawaii, and St. Andrews, among others. The school is also supporting Hawaiian innovators such as Ka Wai Wai and Manaola, creating new opportunities when possible and committed to being a catalyst for change.

Kamehameha Schools’ role in the community is evolving. More than being a leader in academic excellence, their role is expanding beyond the classroom to ensure all Hawaiians succeed.

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