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Kama’aina Kids partners with Family Programs Hawaii to help at risk youth and foster kids

Kamaaina Kids & Family Programs Hawaii

Keeping kids busy after school is essential to keeping them out of trouble. That’s why the partnership between Kamaaina Kids and Family Programs Hawaii is so important for at risk youth and foster kids. Director of Development for Family Programs Hawaii, Jennifer Yang shared with Hawaii Now host Jobeth Devera, how the two organization’s support each other.

Both organizations are committed to working together to grapple with the needs of Hawaii’s keiki, providing support, and engaging the community to help. According to Yang, Kama’aina Kids has offered support to Family Programs Hawaii because its missions are aligned. They both have the goal of helping the children of Hawaii be the best they can be and are dedicated to serving the keiki and providing programs that benefit them in the long run.

About Family Programs Hawaii (FPH)
FPH is a local non-profit that’s based on Oahu and Hilo which services all islands in preventive, support and transition care of at-risk youth and foster youth of Hawaii. We are a medium sized organization quietly making a big impact in our community working with issues our island culture sometimes isn’t comfortable talking about. Issues that impart so many youths from living in a safe and buttering environment. We give support to these youth and their families often preventing some cases from entering the child welfare system and should they be in the foster family program, we help them to grow up to be the productive villagers of our community. One goal we have is for people not to be ashamed to talk about topics like homelessness, abuse and neglect. We want people to know FPH has been creating solutions and have helped so many children for over 14 years. We were once part of a larger organization but as times and things shift, we are working very local and am very grateful for the support over the years by the people and families who we have touched.

For more information:,, IG: @familyprogramshawaii