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Kailua Moon Boutique strives to design for all body types and lifestyles

How to dress for your body type

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What’s the best part of shopping? Finding a piece you can add to your wardrobe that makes you feel confident and look your best. Kailua Moon Boutique focuses on helping women get finds like that, and dressing customers based on their body type and lifestyle. HI Now host Jobeth Devera is back at the boutique on the windward side to check out the process.

Co-owners Kathy Keller and Pam Miller-Sofos have been friends for years and just recently opened the boutique. Kailua Moon offers a wide variety of clothing, accessories, and shoes. From cocktail to business attire or more everyday wear, there’s a lot to see at the little boutique. It offers pieces from around the world focusing on brands that are unique, sophisticated and often times, timeless.

“I love dressing women according to body type and lifestyle,” Keller says. She owns her own boutique, Hula Moon, in Kamuela on Hawaii Island. That’s where she met Miller-Sofos. “I used to dress her and her mother,” she explains. Hula Moon focused on generational clothing, dressing all ages of women, and that theme continues at Kailua Moon.

When dressing customers, the duo pays close attention to fabric and cut to accommodate sensitive skins and body types. They realize that as people age and bodies change, a well thought out outfit is based on cut, color, fabric and uniqueness. Subtlety hiding problem areas, yet enhancing a woman’s best assets, is also important.

“It’s extremely important to know your body and dress your body type,” Keller says. She explains that she herself had a hard time dressing when she was younger. Once she understood her own body type, she was able to better help her customers dress. “We get to know our customers and understand their lifestyle then dress them accordingly.”

Visit Kailua Moon Boutique and check it out for yourself at 539 Kailua Road!

For more information: Instagram: @Kailuamoonboutique96734