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Jobeth and Kanoe get the thrill of a lifetime with Pacific Skydiving

Experience breathtaking views of Oahu's North Shore

HI Now hosts Jobeth Devera and Kanoe Gibson got to see Oahu like never before during a tandem skydive with Pacific Skydiving on the island’s north shore. Watch them take the jump of a lifetime out of a Cessna Grand Caravan at 14,000 ft.!

Pacific Skydiving is Hawaii’s premier skydiving center. With over 40 years of skydiving experience, it has an excellent safety record in tandem skydiving activities. It is a designated USPA drop zone with the most internationally experienced, licensed USPA instructors. It’s currently also the only skydiving center in Hawaii offering the Accelerated Freefall (AFF) program to new students learning to skydive.

First-time skydivers jump tandem at Pacific Skydiving, meaning guests are secured to an instructor with a specially designed harness system. Aircrafts hold up to 21 passengers, taking between six and eight tandem students per aircraft.

On the ride up, guests experience breathtaking views of all of Oahu with their instructor and fellow jumpers. Guests can get views of the neighbor islands on a clear day and can even see migrating whales during the right season.

The freefall during a tandem skydiving session will last for up to 60 seconds at about 120 mph. Guests will experience the sensation of flight without the feeling of falling and feel like they are floating on a cushion of air in the middle of the sky over the breathtaking North Shore of Oahu. At about 5,000 ft., instructors deploy the parachute, allowing guests to enjoy a gentle glide. After the five to six minute canopy ride, jumpers and their instructors end up on a grassy landing area.

Guests can also purchase photo and video packages where a videographer captures the entire experience, from gearing up to landing.

Aside from tandem skydiving, Pacific Skydiving also offers an exclusive opportunity to jump from a helicopter from 8 – 10,000 ft. after a 15-minute scenic ride. They are the only skydiving company in the United States to own their own helicopter, enabling them to offer this unique tandem experience.

Watch here at Kanoe and Jobeth experience the jump out of a helicopter