Jams World’s wearable art spreads aloha across the world

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If you were in Hawaii in the 1980’s, then you’re sure to remember the Jams shorts craze. Starting in 1964 as Surf Line Hawaii, a local surf shop in Ala Moana selling surfboards, locally-owned and operated Jams World has since expanded into one of Hawaii’s most popular local clothing retailers and has taken its aloha all over the world.

“It started with a pair of Jams shorts — colorful, baggy, loose and looney — and (my dad) sold the first pair on the beach of Makaha with a bunch of his surfing buddies,” said Jams World Owner Pua Rochlen.

What began as a men’s line of aloha shirts and shorts, Jams World is now 90% women’s fashion, with each garment being a bold and colorful piece of wearable art. Rochlen seeks out hand painted artwork all across the world and brings them back to Hawaii to be fitted onto the clothing. The art is sent off to Japan and screen painted onto Jams World’s famous spun crushed rayon fabric, before being shipped back to Hawaii where every item is cut and sewn locally. Jams World now has a full sewing operation in the heart of Kalihi, where many of the employees have been working for more than 40 years.

“It’s kind of like an honor for them to support me and be here with me. That’s just part of the pride of sewing in Hawaii. We could go overseas and manufacture some things, but just keeping to what my father and mother started. (It’s) great because we take things that are made in Hawaii and we share our aloha to everybody outside, and we love it,” said Rochlen.

About “Jams”
Inspired by a group of Russians in their pajamas on the cover of Life Magazine, original owner Dave Rochlen asked his wife to cut a pair of Hawaiian print pajama pants into shorts for surfing. JAMS, short for pajamas were born.

For more information: jamsworld.com