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It’s All Rice at Kahala Market by Foodland

This August, Kahala Market by Foodland is celebrating “It’s All Rice” with rice dishes from across the world. From musubi to paella, Kahala Market by Foodland has the ingredients for any rice dish you can dream of.

Sponsored by Kahala Market by Foodland

Kahala MKT is featuring the highest-quality local rice products, including rice from The Rice Factory. This rice was grown in Japan and milled in Hawaii for maximum flavor and freshness. It is also offering a variety of flavors from Islander Sake, a local sake brand. In addition to these local grains, Kahala MKT is celebrating rice from other countries, including basmati and arborio.

It is also serving pre-prepared rice meals; two rice bowls and four flavors of musubi. Its musubi include unagi kabayaki, kimchi, salmon bagel and bacon with truffle. One bowl features garlic rice with lemongrass grilled chicken; the other is Indian-inspired and has mixed rice with pork and curry sauce.

Kahala MKT will be celebrating “It’s All Rice” throughout August; its in-house restaurant, et al., will also be serving a rice tasting menu through the end of the month.

“Foodland is a local company. We’re always gonna think about things that celebrate who we are. Rice is one of those things, and rice is such a big part of our culture that we thought it would be fun to do,” said Chef Keoni Chang.