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Island Pacific Academy partners with Hawaii Health at Work Alliance to implement workplace wellness program

Organization promotes employee health and wellness

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Workplace wellness is something many organizations strive to implement, but for Island Pacific Academy (IPA), it was the missing component while creating a new and innovative vision and mission statement. Through the school’s partnership with Hawaii Health at Work Alliance, it was able to create a new wellness program to better serve its faculty and staff.

Hawaii Health at Work Alliance is a local, grass-roots organization with over 475 participating organizations of all sizes that are dedicated to workplace wellness. After seeing what the organization was doing with other workplaces in the community, Gerald Termae, head of school at Island Pacific Academy, says he knew it would be a good fit for IPA, aligning well with the school’s goals.

“The essence of what we do here at IPA is built around our students. They are the most important people here at our school,” says  Gerald Teramae, head of school at Island Pacific Academy. “Coming in a close second, or equally important, are our faculty and staff.”

Tamane says taking care of the school’s faculty and staff and making sure that they feel connected to its mission and vision is integral to the school’s success.

“I think that the biggest value that we have received from working with Hawaii Health at Work Alliance has been the partnerships that we have built,” he says. “Hawaii Health at Work Alliance is an organization that truly is an expert in terms of worksite wellness and they provide so many resources to employers who feel that a successful business is one that values the health and well-being of their community.”

Those looking to learn more about Hawaii Health at Work Alliance and get help with their workplace wellness initiatives can check out the upcoming Hawaii Wellness Leaders Forum on November 7. The organization also offers a free wellness consultation to help you get started! Just visit:

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