Inside Ama: Kamokila Texaco’s new take on a convenience store

Customizable pizzas, make-your-own fruit smoothies and cold-press coffee shakes!

Sponsored by Texaco in Hawaii

Island Energy just opened Hawaii’s newest Texaco station in Kapolei along with its brand new store: Ama. HI Now host Kanoe Gibson is with Heather Namahoe to talk about the features that make the station unique.

In addition to providing the same great Techron gas in every grade, every gallon, you’ll find Ama at the new Kamokila Texaco. You’ll find quickly that it’s not your typical convenience store and instead offers a more elevated experience. While just as convenient, you’ll get higher quality along with items you wouldn’t necessarily expect — all at a great price.

Ama is the Hawaiian word that describes the outrigger part of a canoe, which provides stability, balance and security. Ama Kapolei is a destination convenience store that offers a unique experience with exceptional service. With distinctive local snacks (made in Hawaii, by Hawaii manufacturers), custom made-to-order pizza, and delicious make-your-own fruit smoothies and cold-press coffee shakes, Ama uniquely provides high-quality food and drink at an affordable price.

Ama even offers cups made from recycled paper. Whenever possible, the store sources recycled or renewable materials for its packaging.

Additionally, the new Texaco location offers E-free gasoline, diesel, and a state-of-the-art car wash.

About Island Energy Services:
Island Energy Services, LLC, headquartered in Kapolei, is a Hawai’i-based fuels marketing and logistics business providing premier petroleum products for the State of Hawai’i. The company reliably serves retail, industrial, aviation, and utility customers throughout the state through a network of key storage and distribution assets comprising fuels terminals and pipelines.

Assets include an import terminal in Kapolei, product distribution terminals in Honolulu and on Maui, Kaua’i and Hawai’i Island, pipeline distribution systems and additional related logistics infrastructure throughout the state. In addition, IES’s retail network includes 56 Texaco┬«-branded gas stations. Texaco┬« is a registered trademark of Chevron Intellectual Property LLC used under license by IES.

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