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Impact Painting strives to make positive impact on environment, community

Helping homeowners and property owners make eco-friendly choices

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Go Green Week continues on HI Now with a look at how Impact Painting is helping to make a positive impact on both the environment and the community. HI Now host Jobeth Devera is with Chris Averette and Manny Vergara from Impact Painting to talk about what homeowners and property owners do to practice eco-friendly house maintenance.

One thing you can do to go green while working on a painting project at your home or business is to use quality products that are long lasting. Experts at Impact Painting recommend choosing colors with a high light reflective value that reflect more light and absorb less heat. Dark colors have a low light reflective value and absorb more heat and energy, and this increased heat can break the bond between previous coats and new coats of paint. A higher light reflective value can improve durability of materials and reduce energy costs.

Additionally, dark colors are mixed into deep and ultra-deep bases, which contain lower or minimal amounts of titanium dioxide. This compound is what provides paint opacity and physical protection from the elements.

Impact Painting is committed to doing its part to protect the environment. One of the ways it’s doing this is by going completely paperless — from its internal management and communication to job quoting and contracts, all the way through final invoicing. The painting company also practices smart material management techniques by accurately estimating the amount of materials needed for the job, which produces less waste. Instead of bulk ordering all paints prior to the project, the company orders approximately half of the materials required and picks up the remaining materials as the project progresses to minimize waste.

Averette and Vergara also stress that the company recycles and reuses as many materials as possible and works to responsibly dispose of its paints and painting chemicals following EPA guidelines.

While Impact Painting strives to be respectful guests in each neighborhood its teams paint in, the company also takes part in community events to protect the environment so that our keiki can enjoy the earth for years to come. One way it does this is through beach clean ups. On September 21 and 22, Impact Painting will be sponsoring a beach clean up with Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii in Makua on Oahu’s westside.

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