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Impact Painting shares eco-friendly tips on protecting your home’s paint job

Go green by keeping up with home maintenance

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When you think about going green, the kind of paint you use on your home isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind. At Impact Painting, the company’s mission is to protect the environment by using products that minimize harmful effects and also to give homeowners a long-lasting paint job.

“If you’re seeing that your paint is starting to chalk, nail heads are starting to rust out, we want to make sure that you’re treating that sooner rather than later,” says Manny Vergara, owner of Impact Painting. “The longer that you take, the more toxic and aggressive of products you need to use.” Vergara explains that by painting more often, you use products that are less invasive, which in the long run is better for the environment.

Impact Hawaii is proud to be an industry leader in Hawaii of using Sherwin-Williams Emerald, a top shelf, low-VOC paint. VOCs are volatile organic compounds, which are the components of the paints that end up being the preservatives. Vergara says he’s proud to say that two condominium complexes in Hawaii Kai– Moana Kai and Nanea Kai– are the two largest projects to be painted with Sherwin-Williams Emerald.

“Another thing to consider is what colors that you’re going to choose. The darker the colors that you put up on your house, the more heat that color is going to absorb.” Vergara explains. “Here in Hawaii, we have year-round sun which is deteriorating your paint.”

Vergara recommends doing regular maintenance like power washing to help kill the mold and mildew growth and extend the life of your paint job.

“We do understand that home maintenance is a big expense for a lot of people in Hawaii, and in the long run, by doing these things correctly, we have found that you can end up saving money for yourself and your family,” Vergara says.

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