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Immerse yourself in the world of Hawaii’s humpback whales at Maui Ocean Center

Sponsored by Maui Ocean Center

Maui Ocean Center is bringing guests eye-to-eye with Hawaii’s humpback whales! HI Now host Jobeth Devera is checking out the new Humpbacks of Hawaii Exhibit & Sphere that’s bringing viewers beneath the ocean’s surface to encounter humpback whales in an immersive, virtual encounter.

Heralded as the first visual media experience of its kind, Humpbacks of Hawaii brings a new dimension to Hawaii’s famed whale season and creates a new way to observe marine life without disturbing its natural habitat.

Towering educational panels, child-centric interactive stations, and captivating videos of humpback whales lead up to the Humpbacks of Hawaii experience. The exhibit hall before the sphere gives guests a better understanding of the lives of humpback whales. Guests “walk” the humpback whale migration to Hawaii while learning about their social bonds, mystery of the song, their connection to the Hawaiian culture, and the different activities that unfold along their epic journey. The collective experience of education, interaction, and immersion is one-of-a-kind.

At 58 feet in diameter, the new 118-seat sphere combines 3D glasses and 4K laser imagery to blur the lines of reality with technology that is new to Hawaii. The sphere screen is larger than the average size of an adult humpback whale, placing viewers in perfect proportion to the whale’s true size. This is as close as someone can get to diving with whales without disturbing them in their natural habitat.

With the Humpbacks of Hawaii, visitors can learn about whales and encounter them in the sphere year-round.

About Maui Ocean Center:
Since 1998, Maui Ocean Center has fostered understanding, wonder, and respect for Hawaii’s marine life, drawing thousands of visitors from across the globe. The three acre marine park, located in Wailuku, Maui, faithfully replicates the natural ocean ecosystem featuring only animals who are native to Hawaii. The center features the largest collection of live Pacific corals in the world, over 60 exhibits, 20 daily presentations by marine naturalists, outdoor tide pools and a 750,000-gallon Open Ocean exhibit with a 240-degree view acrylic tunnel. Maui Ocean Center operates in compliance with a County of Maui ordinance prohibiting the exhibit of cetaceans (whales and dolphins), and offers exploration of these creatures through interpretive displays.

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