Hungry for Sun Noodles? Get ’em at Zippy’s

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There’s nothing more local than a savory bowl of Saimin, and who hasn’t ordered it from Zippy’s Restaurant? If you didn’t know, all of the Samin noodles that Zippy’s uses come from Sun Noodle, a locally-owned and operated company. Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Hisae Uki, joined Hawaii Now host Kanoe GIbson on set to talk more about this partnership, which prompted the company’s expansion to the mainland, thanks in large part to the recent popularity of ramen.

About Zippy’s Restaurant
When people think of Hawaii and food, Zippy’s Restaurants comes to mind instantly. Along with the eatery’s fast food counter and restaurants, there is also Napoleon’s Bakery┬«, Osaka Okazuya, The Sushi Bar at Zippy’s Pearl City and Kahala Sushi at Zippy’s Kahala. Zippy’s signature product is its original recipe chili. The restaurant sells over 100 tons of it every month through its stores, fund raising activities, and in retail markets.

Sun Noodle
Sun Noodle was founded in Honolulu, Hawaii by Hidehito Uki, a second-generation noodle maker from Japan. Today, it is a family-run business that custom-creates more than 600 types of fresh noodles for premier ramen shops, restaurants and grocery stores in North America, South America and Europe.

Creating noodles with the perfect thickness, texture, flavor, aroma and slurp factor is a craft that Sun Noodle honors every day. The company works one-on-one with restaurant partners to make custom noodles that meet their needs. It creates retail products that make it easy for anyone to make their own ramen and noodle dishes at home.

According to Sun Noodles, “noodles are our expertise, but craft ramen is our passion. We believe ramen is evolving beyond its roots in traditional Japanese cooking into a dish that everyone can enjoy, no matter where you are in the world. We provide the tools, ingredients and encouragement to support all noodle lovers with creating their own style of ramen.”

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