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Hula Bowl invites players from around the globe

Players from Japan, New Zealand, Australia and US take part in games 2019 reboot

In many ways football in the Polynesian community isn’t just a way of life, it is life.

The teamwork, the camaraderie, and the sacrifice that go along with the game are all characteristics that just don’t make a good teammate, but a good person.

In the Hula Bowl’s reboot game last season executive director Rich Miano wanted to make sure the game showcased potential NFL talent from across the globe, literally.

The game featured players from across the United States including players from Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and of course American Samoa.

“There are many stories of these international guys playing in the states, returning home and paying it forward,” said Miano. “The love for the sport is growing world wide because it is the ultimate team game and it is a great game.”

In the events leading up to the Hula Bowl, international players are also given a once in a lifetime opportunity to show off their skills to 32 NFL teams, including representatives from the Canadian Football League and even Professional World Wrestling talent scouts.

Japan has a tremendous influence in local Hawai’i culture as well and the game provides an opportunity for many cultural aspects of both Hawaiian and Japanese influence to be featured on the national stage.

Australia< New Zealand, and Samoa are all major travel destinations between Hawai’i and abroad and the Hula Bowl provides the chance to strengthen ties both in the local communities and abroad.

With the 2020 Hula Bowl on the horizon partners of the game are expecting an even better brand of football and turnout as many of the other perennial college post season all star games have been delayed or cancelled due to the pandemic.

The Hula Bowl is a chance for every football player in the world to play their final collegiate game in paradise and serve as the proving ground for maybe bigger games in the future.