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HSFCU members share experience with mobile app

HSFCU Mobile App

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Technology has revolutionized how we bank. While nothing can replace the experience of visiting your local brick-and-mortar financial institution, mobile banking apps make it easy to complete basic transactions at home or on-the-go. Most importantly, they can help you stop fraud in its tracks and monitor your transactions in real time. Hawaii Now host Kanoe Gibson talked to the members of Hawaii State FCU to find out why their mobile app is so popular.

The reasons are pretty obvious. Setting up mobile alerts through a banking app can protect you against fraud. Many banking apps have transaction alerts that monitor activity on your accounts in real time. With the HSFCU Mobile App, you can sign up for email or text alerts for any large withdrawals or deposits to your account, if your balance falls below a certain amount, and when your checks clear. This feature is super handy should someone steal your account information or make large withdrawals from your account without your knowledge. Once you get that alert, you can contact the branch immediately.

You can even manage your debit card with a mobile app. You can set up alerts to monitor transactions by merchant type, transaction type or spend limits. Best of all, you can deactivate your debit card should you lose it or if it’s stolen, preventing any further fraudulent activity.

Hawaii State FCU Mobile App also makes managing your money very convenient with Mobile Check Deposit and Bill Pay. With Mobile Check Deposit you can deposit checks without going to a branch or ATM. You simply snap a photo of the front and back of the check after you endorse it and choose which account to make the deposit into. With Bill Pay, you can schedule recurring payments for rent, mortgage, utilities or other monthly bills. Bills can be paid to either individuals or companies. You can save on postage stamps and writing a check, and best of all you can pay your bills 24/7.

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