HPU’s College of Professional Studies offers flexible programs, hands-on experiences for students

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Hawaii Pacific University is committed to supporting students’ academic and professional goals. The university has five distinct colleges, one being the College of Professional Studies. The college is comprised of the School of Education and the Department of Public Service, where students can focus on criminal justice, human resource development, and public administration.

Founded in 2015, the college provides quality higher education and other life-long learning opportunities to individuals seeking to transform their lives using innovative delivery methods and programs to prepare students to thrive in an ever-changing society. The college also offers flexible programs that cater to people like working adults and members of the military so that they can finish their degree online.

The College of Professional Studies offers a variety of internships that help students get hands-on experience to help them in their future careers. For example, students pursuing education have the opportunity to get hundreds of hours of experience inside a classroom setting to better prepare them for real-life scenarios. The college also partners with different high schools so students can earn college credit. Students can earn an Associate’s Degree in General Studies and knock off two years of college before they’re even accepted.

About Mani Sehgal
Mani Sehgal is the dean of the College of Professional Studies at Hawaii Pacific University. He holds an MBA, and an M.Ed in Math Education and is currently Ph.D. (ABD) in Math Education. Sehgal currently teaches courses in Math Education for the Bachelor’s and Master’s Education students. He also taught courses in the Math Department for six years and has been with HPU for over 15 years.

About Hawaii Pacific University
Hawaii Pacific University is an international learning community set in the rich cultural context of Hawaii. Students from around the world join the university for an American education built on a liberal arts foundation. Their innovative undergraduate and graduate programs anticipate the changing needs of the community and prepare graduates to live, work, and learn as active members of a global society.

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