How designer brand Allison Izu is using fashion to empower women

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Don’t you just love when an outfit makes you look good AND feel good? Then look no further than Allison Izu. Allison Song is the owner and designer of the elevated basics fashion. Song is celebrating the opening of her new boutique “Allison Izu” at Ala Moana Center. Located on Level 3, center court by Neiman Marcus, the boutique features a complete collection of women’s clothing, in addition to accessories, locally-crafted handmade jewelry and a selection of home goods and small gifts.

Song describes her brand as a collection of elevated basics, designed for fit and function for the modern woman. As a way to fit all body types, Song used the letters of her first name to create a universal system for body typing based on common body shapes. She explains to HI Now host Jobeth Devera that “A” represents women who have more of a triangle shape and who are also “Ambitious.” “LL” is a rectangle who “Loves life.” “I” is a narrow shape that is “Invincible.” “S” is the hourglass that oozes “Strength.” “O” is an ellipse that is always “Optimistic.” And “N” is an inverted triangle that “Never gives up.”

To the women she designs for, Song said, “Every letter in my name, and each letter’s corresponding shape, represents every one of you. We all are different, yet we all have the opportunity to empower ourselves and add value to your community.”

The method, dubbed #LiveYourLetter, helps shoppers find their perfect fit while feeling empowered to be their most authentic selves. Song hopes that with this concept in mind, women can accept the outside shape of their bodies and begin to accept their inner beauty.

Song recently released a new, seasonal print inspired by the 2018 Kilauea eruption with its interwoven fissures and lava flow. She also designed her own jewelry collection, featuring geometric shapes and pops of color to complement her signature monochromatic elevated basics.

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Add some of Izu’s elevated basics to your wardrobe and feel your best every day!

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