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How American Savings Bank is using advertising for the better

Partnering with Good Impressions to create positive change

Sponsored by American Savings Bank

What if advertisements could actually do good and give back to our community? American Savings Bank and Good Impressions are working together to change advertising for the better by allowing it to bring real impact to our communities. HI Now host Kanoe Gibson is with Michelle Bartell from ASB and Ryan Teshima-McCormick with Good Impressions to learn more.

Research shows that 64 percent of consumers choose, switch, avoid or boycott a brand based on its stand on societal issues. 90 percent of respondents agree that targeted advertising is “annoying.”

“With these stats in mind, we identified an opportunity for companies to use their advertising in a new way – to give back and make a positive difference,” explains Teshima-McCormick. “So, we created Good Impressions – a new software that allows companies to level up their advertising by giving back with each impression.”

Bartell says that part of the vision at ASB is to bring real impact to the community. The bank already does this in a lot of ways, through teammates giving both time and energy to the community as well as supporting Kahiau nonprofit partners, but after hearing about what was being done at Good Impressions, Bartell realized they had an opportunity to work together and do some good.

“What’s great about Good Impressions is that it makes giving back easy – for both the advertiser and the public!” Teshima-McCormick says.

All you have to do is visit the website with the ad and hover over the halo icon in the top left corner. You can do this right now by going to and looking for any ASB ad. When you hover over the gold halo on the ad, ASB makes a donation to one of four nonprofit partners.

“The great thing about Good Impressions is that we allow companies that we partner with to select the non-profits they want to support,” Teshima-McCormick explains. “So these dollars are going back into the community here on the island. The non-profits have another channel to receive support from these engagements with the digital ads.”

ASB’s good impressions will support the programs of several local nonprofits it partners with, including: Kupu, Child & Family Service, Partners in Development Foundation, and Kapiolani Health Foundation. These organizations are focused on improving life for many in our community, and ASB is proud to support the important work these organizations are doing in the community.

The campaign only runs through February 2, so visit to support!

For more information:, Instagram: @asbhawaii, Facebook: American Savings Bank