Hot Pot Heaven offers new take out menu featuring signature Vietnamese-style recipes

Hot Pot Heaven offers new take out menu featuring signature Vietnamese-style recipes

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If you’re hungry for something healthy that will also warm your soul, Hot Pot Heaven at McCully Shopping Center has something for every craving! HI Now host Kanoe Gibson got a chance to experience the restaurant’s new take out menu that was just developed.

After a six-week mission to Vietnam in 2009, owner Kim-Dung Nguyen realized how much she missed her daily hot pot meals. Upon realizing there were no hot pot restaurants in Hawaii, she convinced her then boyfriend’s mother (and now husband), to make a hot pot meal for her. Together, they had the idea of opening a hot pot restaurant. On June 29, 2010, Hot Pot Heaven opened its doors at the McCully Shopping Center where it still is to this day.

Hot Pot Heaven offers Vietnamese-style hot pot recipes with Asian-fusion flavors. Every meal is different and determined by what you’re craving!

All the broths at Hot Pot Heaven are make from scratch using fresh stewing chicken, beef bone, or veggies daily to make the bases. When customers order, the broth is then seasoned to make the flavor requested. The restaurant has a total of 10 broths, its most popular flavor is the Thai broth, a favorite among Hot Pot Heaven customers.

The restaurant also offer a variety of add ons to your meal, including seafood, meat, and veggies to name a few. There are over 100 items you can add in! There are also 12 different of homemade dipping sauces that diners can mix in.

Hot Pot Heaven has developed a strong following of regular customers who love the authentic Vietnamese hot pot meals. The menu has also expanded to include other regional flavors and even a Hawaii broth. A color-coded plate system was adopted to simplify the ordering process and enables customers to easily customize their hot pots.

With the strong support of family, friends, and loyal customers, Hot Pot Heaven defied the odds and recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. While Hot Pot Heaven started as a passion project by two people with no restaurant experience, it has since expanded with two franchise operations in Pearl Kai Shopping Center and Kapolei.

For more information:, Facebook: @HotPotHeavenMcCully, or on Instagram: @hotpotheaven