HMAA’s Baby & Me program provides great benefits for families

Unique maternity program gives babies a healthy start

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Hawaii Medical Assurance Association (HMAA) is all about providing wellness and benefits for their members – especially moms! Baby & Me is HMAA’s free and innovative maternity program designed to help expectant moms and their babies stay healthy during and after pregnancy. HI Now host Kanoe Gibson is with Reagan Vaughan from HMAA to talk more about the program.

Vaughan says the main goal at Baby & Me is to ensure a healthy delivery.

“We pair them with a maternity program nurse to help identify potential risk factors that may result in complications during the remainder of their pregnancy or at delivery,” she explains. “By catching these risk factors early, we have more of an opportunity to prevent some of these complications from developing and help reduce the risk of premature births.”

To encourage participation, HMAA pairs this education, intervention and guidance with great incentives provided at various points throughout and after pregnancy.

HMAA is understands how important it is for moms to give their babies a healthy start. That’s why it is the first private health insurer in Hawaii to directly provide maternity wellness incentives to its members. HMAA designed its program to ensure members have access to the highest quality care and by providing the support needed during and after pregnancy.

HMAA offers an incentive package for this program. Once enrolled, you’ll receive a Healthy Baby Kit filled with educational information from March of Dimes, and a six-month rental of a physician-grade fetal Doppler from BabyBeat that you can use to hear the baby’s heartbeat at home.

HMAA will also reimburse you up to $150 to attend prenatal classes. After your 25th week of pregnancy, Pharmacare Hawaii will send a breast pump and special gift of accessories to your home at no charge, or you can pick it up at one of their locations. Although breast pumps are covered under most health insurance plans, you’ll get extra perks through Baby & Me. As long as you actively engage in the program, you will receive a $250 Target Gift Card upon completion. That’s equivalent to a 3-month supply of diapers!

Those covered under HMAA’s health insurance plans can enroll in the program as long as they are no more than 20 weeks pregnant. You’ll need to complete a request form at or contact the Wellness Department. HMAA will contact you to complete a program enrollment form. Once your eligibility is confirmed, you’ll receive more information and some incentives.

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