HMAA partners with Kaimade Milk Cookies to help nursing moms

Locally made cookies that help boost a mother's milk supply

Sponsored by HMAA

For some moms, one of the hardest parts of raising a little one is nursing, and keeping a healthy milk supply can be difficult. Hawaii Medical Assurance Association (HMAA) has partnered with Kaimade Milk Cookies, which offer cookie mixes tailored for the nursing mom. The best part? They can even be enjoyed by the whole family!

Kaimade Milk Cookies has partnered with HMAA’s Member Plus Discount Program to give extra savings on some of its cookies mixes exclusively to HMAA members.

A lactation cookie is packed with nutrients, including milk boosting ingredients to help increase a nursing mother’s milk supply. Kaimade Milk Cookies are different from other lactation mixes on the market because everything is hand mixed by a mom for moms here in Hawaii.

“There’s a lot of thought and love that goes into each mix, and I really wanted to make it a smooth process” says Kailan Reyes, owner of Kaimade. Milk Cookies. “By packaging our cookies into a dry mix form, it makes it so much more convenient for our moms. They can prepare it and bake them fresh in the comfort of their own home, on demand, whenever they need.”

Since the cookies are made in Hawaii, she also wanted moms on the mainland to be able to enjoy them cookies fresh for as long as they could. Kaimade mixes yield 24 – 48 cookies and last for 6 – 9 months in the freezer once they are mixed.

Although everyone’s bodies are different and everyone’s results will be different, most moms have seen their supplies at least double if not more.

“Our main goal is to help assist nursing moms in their journeys to achieve their breastfeeding goals, whatever it may be!” Reyes says. “A lot of our moms are working moms, so they’ve been able to build a stash in their freezers before returning to work or for a rainy day. I also think it brings them happiness and brings their families together. It’s something they can all enjoy together.”

Although these cookies are tailored to the nursing mom, they are safe for anyone to enjoy! Dads and keiki love them too.

You can find more information about Kaimade Milk Cookies at, or on Instagram: @kaimademama.

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