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HI Now’s renovated kitchen features new tankless water heater

Sponsored by Hawaii Gas

Hawaii Now will soon unveil its brand new kitchen. Renovations are underway and the remodel will feature new state of the art gas appliances. One of the many changes is a new tankless water heater being provided by Hawaii Gas. You may be wondering what is a tankless water heater and how does it work? Bo Vosika from Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters and Kepa Resentes from Commercial Plumbing told Hawaii Now host Jobeth Devera about this easy and affordable upgrade that can be made to any commercial or residential property.

About Hawaii Gas:
Since 1904, Hawaii Gas has been the only franchised gas utility in the State of Hawaii. Since this time, the company has installed gas pipeline infrastructure, built bulk storage facilities with access to the harbor and developed a highly skilled workforce on every major island to serve the people of Hawaii. Gas is now a critical part of the fuel mix in Hawai’i providing a cleaner and lower cost alternative for residential, commercial and industrial customers.

Hawaii Gas has always focused on bringing Hawaii cleaner, lower-cost energy. As early as 1909, the Pacific Coast Gas Association recognized Hawaii Gas for being “years ahead of its time.” Synthetic natural gas (SNG) and propane lead the way in Hawaii today as one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels. LNG, which is natural gas in its liquid form, is also a clean and environmentally friendly source of energy that Hawaii Gas is bringing to Hawaii to lower costs for customers. Natural gas is now used to supplement SNG, but once delivered to Hawaii in sufficient quantities it can replace SNG altogether. Besides the direct use of natural gas in our utility pipeline distribution systems, natural gas can also be used for a number of other applications including electricity production, ground and marine transportation and various industrial applications.

Existing wastewater treatment plants and landfills produce biogas. Some of this biogas is used onsite to provide energy for process heating, but most is flared to atmosphere. Hawaii Gas can capture this biogas, clean it up to a predominantly methane stream and inject it into its existing distribution infrastructure to serve the general public. Hawaii Gas is also exploring the use of large scale biomass production to produce additional biogas, and working with government and industry to develop new pathways for clean, reliable and cost-effective hydrogen fuel supplies.

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