HI Now Unplugged: Shawn and Lehua launch weekly Facebook concerts

Watch the next performance on Facebook @shawnandlehua

While you may not be able to go out and enjoy live entertainment for now, HI Now is bringing the music straight to you with our new series HI Now Unplugged, featuring local musicians who are offering their gift of music online. Today, HI Now host Kanoe Gibson is catching up with Lehua Kalima.

Kalima and Shawn Pimental have been doing virtual concerts on Facebook Live since March 23, 2020, and they’ve been doing one every week ever since.

“We’ve been taking live requests and also trying to help local businesses who’ve been having a hard time due to the virus,” Kalima says. “These businesses donate prizes that we gift to our viewers through contests. We’ve asked trivia questions, questions about the businesses we are trying to promote and also ask people to donate to causes like the Foodbank and Make-A-Wish.”

For Kalima, performing virtually has been an adjustment. While Facebook comments still provide some form of audience interaction, she says it’s hard to be singing and reading comments at the same time, and misses the interaction with people at a live performance.

Just before the pandemic, Kalima and Pimental were moving ahead with a new project with their group Kulāiwi.

“We have a bunch of new material and have recorded about four to six… We really want to finish that up as soon as we are able,” Kalima says. “It’s fun being able to play with them and create new music.”

Kalima hopes everyone is hanging in there and to keep doing what they can to help end the pandemic so we can all get back to normal.

“Mahalo to all our first responders, healthcare workers, teachers, bus drivers, grocery store clerks, news reporters, and everyone who everyday is putting themselves out there to help their fellow man,” she says. “We are so thankful for all of you!”

To see Shawn and Lehua in action, head to their Facebook page @shawnandleahua for their weekly performances.

For more information: shawnandlehua.com, or on Facebook and Instagram: @shawnandlehua