HI Now kitchen renovation includes Italian cabinets from INspiration Interiors

Sponsored by INspiration Interiors

For the last several months, the HI Now kitchen has been undergoing a renovation, which will soon be unveiled in early 2019. INspiration Interiors partnered with HI Now to create a sleek, modern and stylish space. Lead Designer J.R. Ludlow helped plan the remodel that we hope will inspire every chef to come cook in our kitchen.

What questions should you be asking before you start on a kitchen cabinet renovation? Here’s what Ludlow had to say.

Q: How does INspiration Interiors create the perfect kitchen?
A: Some of the more interesting trends kitchen design center around texture. People are responding more and more to monochromatic color schemes but breaking up those neutrals by adding lots of surface distinction and visual texture. Warm heathered wood tones, mixed with soft powdered grays in the cabinets are a way to deepen the surfaces of the cabinets. Add a dimensional concrete backsplash and a complex veined quartz and the finishes don’t have to match, they harmonize.

Q: How do you keep the design on trend, but also not dated for the future?
A. Cabinet styles at INspiration are very modern, which are very modern and are quite trend-safe. If you like modern design, then that aesthetic will appeal to you and look similar throughout the decades. But consumers also need to understand that the trendier a look is, it can sometimes give the look a set shelf-life for that style. Kitchen design tends to run in decades. Modern can be anything: Mid-Century, Italian, Futuristic, warm, cold, bold, monochromatic; we have a lot to work with style-wise even though our cabinets will always be flat slab doors and our appliances will almost always be built-in or fully integrated.

Q: What are people looking for with new technology for their kitchen?
A: If my clients are technology-savvy, then I will introduce them to appliances or electrical gadgets and accessories that will enhance their lifestyle because they will take the time to learn them and use them. If it is someone who doesn’t have the time to study the manual or learn how to program something, then I’ll keep it simple and suggest products that are both user friendly and will make their life less complicated. My favorite tech-savvy appliance is the Miele Combi-Steam XXL where I can steam an entire meal on multi tiers at multiple times and have my whole meal finish at the same. I can also broil and use the full convection mode for standard baking. Paired with the Miele Speed Oven, and I have a microwave, double oven, broiler and a full steam oven.

Q: Countertop colors and styles seem to have evolved way beyond granite, what are some of the latest trends we are seeing in countertop finishes?
A: Quartz is still the number one seller in our market. Rich, bold patterns in sophisticated color palettes and soft marble-like greys are what we are mainly designing with these days. Cambria is a manufacturer that is defining the trends in quartz countertops. The only manufacturer made in the US, they launch 6-12 news colors every year, each one with a personality and character all its own.

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