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HI Now kitchen makes the cut with professional and novice chefs thanks to Inspiration Interiors

Sponsored by Inspiration Interiors

Many of HI Now’s guests have described our new kitchen as an amateur chef’s dream, but professional chefs that have come through have also said raved about its design! Thanks to Inspiration Interiors, it has the basics every chef needs, plus all the bells and whistles you can dream up. HI Now host Kanoe Gibson is with J.R. Ludlow, lead designer at Inspiration Interiors Design Studio, to talk about its unique design and the must-haves for any kitchen.

When designing a kitchen, Ludlow recommends having the essential appliances along with adequate counter top space and cabinet storage. This way, chefs and cooks alike can have room to move around and cook while also being able to store their tools and dishes. Some appliances featured in the HI Now kitchen includes a steam oven, a dual purpose sink with an array of accessories, and a dish washer.

Ludlow says people often think they can get away with not having certain things when they design a kitchen. She recommends having as much interior oven cooking as cooktop cooking so that on a busy day, you can do multiple things at once and make sure everything is plated at the same time.

It also doesn’t hurt to have some wow factors in the kitchen while entertaining guests, like an espresso machine and a 24 inch tall wine storage.

Executive Chef Ron De Guzman from Stage Restaurant at the Honolulu Design Center will be using the appliances in the HI Now kitchen to make a pan roasted island Monchong with Ho Farms vegetables and a tomato-ogo sake butter sauce, and you can try it at home in your own kitchen!

Recipe: Pan Roasted Island Monchong with Ho Farms Vegetables, Tomato-Ogo Sake Butter Sauce

Ingredients: 1 portion

6 oz Monchong
3 pc Baby Carrots (cut in ½)
2 oz Swiss Chard (Rough chopped)
2 oz Onions (Small Diced)
6 pc Grape Tomatoes
1 Tbsp Garlic (Chopped)
2 oz Ogo (Finely Chopped)
3 oz Sake
3 oz Butter
Italian Parlsey (Chopped for garnish)


For fish: In a saute pan on med/high heat, place seasoned fish in pan and cook until golden and caramelized.  Flip the fish and add, Onions, Garlic. Saute until sweated, Add Tomatoes then deglaze with Sake. Reduce liquid to about half and add butter, Chopped Ogo and Parsley.

For veg: Add cooking oil to pan and saute baby carrots until cooked through. Add Swiss Chard and season with salt.

Assembly: Place veg on bottom and fish on top. Spoon over tomato-ogo sake butter sauce. Serve with hot rice.

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