In Partnership with the Southern Weekend

HI Now hosts celebrate the Year of the Rat with a traditional lion dance

A special performance by the team from Saam Fu Chinese Cultural Arts

Kung Hei Fat Choy! This year, the Chinese New Year falls on January 25, 2020. HI Now hosts Jobeth Devera and Kanoe Gibson are ringing in the Year of the Metal Rat with the lion dancing team from the Saam Fu Chinese Cultural Arts, an art that is said to bring well wishes and good fortune in the new year.

The Chinese Lion Dance has become a very popular tradition in Hawaii, and can be seen at a variety of occasions. Hawaii lion dance groups entertain and delight crowds not only during Chinese New Year, but for other special occasions as well. Everyone enjoys the excitement and happiness that the lions bring.

The mission of the Saam Fu Chinese Cultural Arts is to educate the community on Chinese culture and to promote internal and external health through traditional martial arts, lion dance, and other culture-related programs.

Its Sifus have been training together for over 18 years allowing for a unique synergy and energy to develop. With this harmony and with their combined knowledge and experience in mind, Saam Fu was conceptualized in 2005. Their vision was finally realized in July 2011 with the incorporation of Saam Fu LLC in Hawaii.

The organization currently provides instruction in traditional Kung Fu, Lohan Qigong (Chi Kung), and Chinese Lion Dance in Hawaii and Los Angeles. With its programs and activities, Saam Fu strives to preserve the knowledge, lessons, culture, traditions, and history to future generations.

You will receive martial arts instruction in a family atmosphere. We encourage our students to challenge themselves to get better. Through martial arts, you will find that you will not only gain physical strength, but inner strength as well. Even more so, you will gain friendships with your fellow students.

If you are interested in kung fu, lion dance or qigong lessons, email or call 808-306-1720. Prospective students are always welcome to observe a class! They are encouraged to meet with the organization’s sifus who will answer any questions. Both adult and children classes are available.

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