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Nanakuli Housing Corp Helping Native Hawaiian families become homeowners

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Nanakuli Housing Corporation (NHC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to making affordable housing and home ownership a possibility for all Native Hawaiians, regardless of their income status, and will be celebrating its 30-year anniversary in 2019. NHC’s programs focus on culturally based programs that help Hawaii’s low to moderate income families build their personal assets through home ownership.

The non-profit’s overall goal is to increase a family’s economic self-sufficiency, ensuring a stable housing situation, and guiding them through the steps to becoming a homeowner. Through the training and one-on-one case management, NHC addresses the root cause of financial and housing instability with each household. NHC’s approach combines three areas of training: financial literacy, steps to home ownership, and home maintenance.

NHC offers training workshops in financial literacy and home ownership called, “The Road to Home Ownership & Financial Stability,” which include a variety of services: pre-home buyer education classes, credit counseling, and case management and home maintenance. This training helps families evaluate and work on credit issues, then work with a mortgage lender to qualify for a mortgage loan. The training covers the 5 steps on the Road to Home Ownership:

1. How to Get Credit Ready-Your Responsibility as a Homeowner
2. How to Get Pre-Qualified-The 4-C
3. How to Get the Right Loan — What is a loan?
4. How to Get your Hale-Shopping for your Hale
5. How to Keep your Hale

NHC also offers home maintenance training, which covers what a homeowner needs to do monthly, quarterly, and biannually to keep their home in top shape.

About Nanakuli Housing Corporation:
NHC is recognized as a HUD-Approved-USDA Loan Packaging Agency, and our staff is certified through the National Community Reinvestment Coalition to deliver Housing Counseling Services, Foreclosure Default & Prevention Services, Pre & Post Home-Purchase Education and Financial & Credit Repair.

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