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Help the environment and get your composting supplies at City Mill

Help your garden grow without fertilizer and reduce waste!

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If you want to help malama the environment, composting is something you may want to consider! HI Now host Kanoe Gibson is with City Mill Merchant Iris Wilhelm-Norseth to learn more about why composting is so essential in order to help reduce our carbon footprint.

“Compost actually helps to enrich your soil so that you grow things without fertilizer,” Wilhelm-Norseth says. “Composting is a great way to help the environment. You get rid of all of your waste, improve your soil, and get rid of methane gases that are released when you drop all of this stuff into the landfills.”

Wilhelm-Norseth says composting is very simple as long as you have some space and you know what the formula is to keep everything balanced, and that’s: Two parts carbon, one part nitrogen.

“Carbon is actually all of the dry or brown,” says Wilhelm-Norseth.

That means all of your lawn clippings, sawdust, and even paper bags. Green is all of your food waste. When it comes to putting these materials into your compost, it’s important to make sure everything is clean and that there are no chemicals. It’s also important that your plant clippings are free of disease.

“Your compost should never smell,” Wilhelm-Norseth adds.

With the compost tumbler like the one offered at City Mill, you can get compost in about a month.

“This opens up, and you can just throw stuff in here,” she says. “Make sure that there’s a real mix of moisture and that it’s locked so it doesn’t open up when you spin it around. It gives you enough compost to use for most gardens.”

So if you’re looking to start composting, head down to City Mill to pick up these supplies!

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