Hawaiian Pie Co. serves up fresh, buttery fruit pies

Don't miss the bakery's signature Hawaiian Topping!

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There’s no faster way to someone’s heart than with a warm piece of pie, and now you can get your fix from a number of delicious flavors at Hawaiian Pie Company! The family-owned bakery specializes in melt-in-your-mouth buttery fruit pies and baked goods. HI Now host Kanoe Gibson went behind the scenes to try her hand at baking her own pie.

“The Hawaiian Pie Company was an idea that kind of sprouted from my parents,” says Andrew Chun-Hori, the bakery’s production and operations manager. The company is a family business that spans three generations, and its origins go back to the 80’s when Chun-Hori’s father and grandfather opened Holy’s Bakery in Manoa.

Today, Hawaiian Pie Company features artisan pies and is known for its buttery crust. There you can also find delicious baked goods like cookies, blondie brownies, and even Chex Mix.

“We use a lot of flavors that are unique to Hawaii,” Chun-Hori says. “Our most popular pie flavor would be our Passion Pear.” This particular flavor is topped with the bakery’s specialty Hawaiian Topping — a coconut butter topping made from a top secret recipe.

Hawaiian Pie Company’s 9-inch buttery pies are baked fresh daily at its shop in Kalihi. The baked pie menu rotates, but most of its pie flavors are available frozen, ready-to-bake for baking enthusiasts and travelers looking to take something special to another part of the world.

“There’s a lot of love that goes into making pies, and I always wanted to carry on the legacy that was started with my great grand farther,” Chun-Hori says. “It was passed onto my grandfather and then my dad. They’ve taught me a lot of things over the years, and hopefully I can pass that on.”

Hawaiian Pie Company is always happy to bake a pie for you! Just give the bakery a call at (808) 988-7828 to request the pie of your choice from the menu.

For more information: hawaiianpieco.com, or on Instagram and Twitter: @hawaiianpieco