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Hawaii Surrogacy supports LGBTQ+ families across the world

Hawaii Surrogacy Center is proud to support all families by working with intended parents and surrogates from the LGBTQ+ community. HI Now spoke to one surrogate about her journey carrying a baby for a same-sex couple.

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“I looked at Hawaii Surrogacy’s website and filled out an inquiry asking if I could be a surrogate with my tubes tied,” said Prizzilla Greer, a surrogate ambassador for Hawaii Surrogacy. “When I found out I could do it, I asked if I could carry for a same-sex couple for a family in the LGBTQ+ community.”

Both of Greer’s intended parents were males, so they had created embryos with a donor and selected which embryo to use. The embryo was transplanted into Greer, and she became pregnant with their baby.

The intended parents did not live in Hawaii, so when they came to visit for doctor’s appointments, Greer made the most of their time together.

“I made sure to spend their entire visit with them,” she said. “We’d go shopping and get really excited for the baby because this was their first child, so they got my opinion on what they needed as far as car seats or what formula they would switch to. By the end of it, it really felt like I was helping someone who I saw as family.”

Greer also made it a point to have the parents experience the birth. She denied skin-to-skin contact with the baby, instead allowing the parents to touch the baby first.

Greer’s own children were toddlers at the time, so she had an easy time explaining that she was a surrogate. In the process, she was able to teach them about surrogacy and same-sex families.

“There are so many people within the community who look to surrogacy as their last option, I was like, I have to be the person to make it happen for them. It made it so much more special to know that I did that,” she said.

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