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Hawaii students choose Pacific University for its small classes, quality education

Hawaii students make up nearly 25 percent of undergraduates

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If you’re looking for a university with ties to the islands, nearly 25 percent of Pacific University’s undergraduate population is from Hawaii. The Oregon university also focuses on teaching and learning in a close nurturing environment, which leads to genuine transformation in students’ lives.

“We have wonderful people at Pacific who are passionate, who care, ” says Gary Pacarro, director of Pacific University’s Hawaii office. “All we want to do is take care of our kids from Hawaii, and it’s been like that for over 50 years.”

At Pacific, students build deep personal relationships with friends, mentors, faculty members, and academic and career counselors.

Students mix their rigorous academic experiences with meaningful research, community engagement and life experiences, helping them become successful and active citizens and community leaders.

Kaila Oshiro just graduated from Pearl City High School and is now a freshman at Pacific University.

“I love Pacific’s tight-knit community,” Oshiro says. “Every time I went to anything Pacific related, everybody was super welcoming.” Oshiro says she enjoys the small class sizes because she can be on a first-name to name basis with her professors.

“With Pacific being a smaller university, that means they have smaller student to faculty ratios,” says Ryanne Navarro, an incoming freshman at Pacific University. She’s also from Oahu and just recently graduated from Mililani High School. “Because Pacific University has a really well-known optometry program, and they also have a good pre-optometry track for undergraduate students, I think it’s really gonna help prepare me for grad school,” Navarro says.

“We wanted to make sure that everyone knows that we will be there for them — from the very beginning until even after they graduate,” says Jeff Grundon, senior associate director of admissions and athletics liaison at Pacific University.

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