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Hawaii Music Artists Go Live: Watch local artists perform on Facebook

See who's going live, and join the watch party!

With many of Hawaii’s music venues forced to close due to the pandemic, local musicians have found a new way to continue sharing their music and aloha with those in the community online through a Facebook group called, “Hawaii Music Artists Go Live.”

“The second weekend of the statewide quarantine, I was scheduled to attempt a live stream concert,” explains music artist Pōmaikaʻi Lyman. “Another artist reached out to me to see how she could offer help with promoting the performance, when I realized she was also hosting her own live stream concert just prior to ours.”

Lyman knew they both had similar audiences and was concerned about people knowing that both live streams were occurring. It made her wonder who else might be planning to go live during these times.

“There was no means of browsing through a collective schedule of all local artists so audiences could pick and choose who they wanted to watch,” Lyman says. “I decided to create one and started by inviting all my colleagues in the music industry, encouraging them to post any announcements to this group page.”

In just one week, the group membership jumped to just under 1,000 members and by the end of the second week, there were over 2,000. Now, a month later, membership is just over 3,000, and posts and member engagement continue to increase daily.

If youʻre a music artist, you can post announcements about when you are planning to live stream your next performance. You’ll need to include the date, the time (noting which time zone), and the link viewers can click on to watch. If you made an Facebook Event, you can just share it to the group page and your event will automatically be added to the calendar where everyone can see all artists’ calendar events.

If youʻre a music fan, you can go the group “Events” calendar and click on which day youʻre interested in seeing, or you can just scroll through the feed and browse the fliers for ones that interest you.

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