Hawaii Literacy empowers individuals with help from amazing staff and volunteers

Hawaii Literacy has a large impact on the community, especially the students and volunteers that participate in their programs!

Sponsored by Hawaii Literacy

Lyle Kaloi is a volunteer at Hawaii Literacy and says it’s amazing what Hawaii Literacy is doing for the community. As a former social worker, Lyle’s passion was always helping families and children. Seeing how Hawaii Literacy impacts transitional homes, homeless sights, and community events made Lyle want to get involved. “People don’t understand that the most fundamental skill, such as reading or writing, what it can do for people. I like the program and I like the impact that it’s done for the children,” says Lyle.

Hawaii Literacy learner Rodney Beauchamp says he was given a second chance when he joined the program. He wasn’t able to read the bus lines, and therefore didn’t always make it to his end destination. “I used to be afraid to ask people for help,” says Rodney. He’s proud to say he’s come a long way after learning to read and write.

Jill Canfield, Executive Director of Hawaii Literacy, says many don’t understand that literacy is a gateway to many opportunities. Hawaii Literacy prioritizes spreading awareness of their programs and to make people understand what it means to have someone learn to read and write. Jill says she’s very grateful for the volunteers and staff that continue to work with her and Hawaii Literacy to help those in need.

For more information: hawaiiliteracy.org