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Hawaii Gas partners with the City to create Kahauiki Village for homeless

Sponsored by Hawaii Gas

Dealing with Hawaii’s homeless population is a complex issue. One initiative has been the creation of a unique community designed to transition the homeless off the streets and into new productive living spaces. Kahauiki Village is the newest housing project in Honolulu designed as long-term housing for Hawaii’s homeless families. Hawaii Gas had an important role to play designing the community’s energy needs, including green space, solar power, reliability, and resilient energy.

The award-winning Kahauiki Village is a model of how strong partnerships can help to create vibrant, self-sustaining communities. With a keen awareness that strong communities are built upon personal, commercial, governmental and community action, Kahauiki’s public/private partnership is an example of how cooperative teamwork can successfully address many of the issues society faces today, especially in the realms of: economy, education, environment, health and housing.

An example of Kahauiki’s cooperative approach is how they chose to address the energy needs of the village. Bringing together representatives from each of the state’s major energy sector players, a comprehensive and resilient energy package was created to ensure residents have an affordable, environmentally-friendly, reliable and safe energy source.

Kahauiki Village Project Plan
Kahauiki Village is a proposed community of approximately 144 one and two bedroom homes to be built on 11.3 acres of land located between Nimitz Highway, Keehi Lagoon Park and Sand Island. Kahauiki Village will provide long term, permanent, affordable housing for approximately 153 currently homeless families with children on Oahu. When completed, Kahauiki Village is expected to house over 600 adults and children.

A  Public/Private Partnership
This Project is a unique public/private partnership consisting of the State of Hawaii, the City and County of Honolulu, aio Foundation (a private 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation) and a multitude of community partners who have volunteered their resources to make Kahauiki Village a reality.

The State of Hawaii, which owns the land, transferred the land to the City and County of Honolulu which in turn leased the property to aio Foundation for ten years (with an option to renew for an additional ten years) at $1.00 a year.

AIOO’s Project team is led by Duane Kurisu, Lloyd Sueda, Gordan Furutani, Mel Kaneshige and Scott Kuioka. A host of community-minded companies and individuals have also contributed their time, materials and money to make this project possible.

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