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Hawaii Fashion Showcase celebrates Merrie Monarch in style

To celebrate Merrie Monarch, the big island has assembled seven of its best fashion designers for the Hawaii Fashion Showcase. The models highlight the beautiful landscapes of Hawaii island as they walk nature's runway.

Sponsored by Hawaii Fashion Showcase & 222 Productions

“Hula has inspired so many of the designers in Hawaii, and that leads to these beautiful fashions that we can be proud of,” said Executive Director Noel Ross.

The nature’s runway element of the showcase proved to be a bit of a challenge due to COVID restrictions, but these locations show the beauty of the ‘aina while highlighting the clothing. The showcase chose seven locations to record video for the showcase.

“It really showcased the diversity of the ‘aina and the culture,” said Ross. “Each designer had a connection to these places.”

The theme of the showcase this year is “Mauka to Makai,” which focuses on the beauty of the natural landscape on the big island.

“Merrie Monarch is when Hilo gets dressed up. That was a lot of the excitement and inspiration to give it more of a stage; all of the different prints that come from hula and the culture, and it’s so much deeper than normally getting dressed up and putting on a fashion show.”

You can watch the premier on Monday, June 28 at 7pm on K5 or on

For more information: and @hawaiifashionshowcase on Instagram