Hawaii DOT gives tips on preparing for back to school jam

School is officially back in session, which means there will be a lot more cars on the road. HI Now host Rachel Pacarro talks with the Department of Transportation to see how you can make your commute a little bit easier

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The Hawaii Department of Transportation is expecting to see traffic and road use similar to that of August 2019 this Fall. The University of Hawaii at Mānoa returns on August 23, and 50,000 students across the state will be on the road to get to class. This will likely result in commutes becoming longer by anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.

UH Manoa joins public schools and private schools as students officially start their school year. This means that more students are populating crosswalks and roadways each day. Jai Cunningham, HI State DOT, Public Information Officer, cautions drivers to be aware of the increase of people out and about. “With all the students back in school, we’re going to have a lot more kids out on the roadways, so just make that you’re careful when making those turns and things.”

With the expected increase in traffic, Cunningham suggests that people get their day started earlier. Ride sharing and public commuting on the bus is highly recommended to help reduce the amount of traffic buildup during the mornings and evenings. Cunningham says that ride sharing is safe, and that public transportation is taking the right precautions against the pandemic to ensure the riders are safe.

There are several different websites and apps like goakamai.org and Waze that can help you plan your commute during the day. They consistently update their websites, and you can sometimes see live footage of the busy intersections/roads. Please visit the Hawaii State DOT website at hidot.hawaii.gov to find a list of resources you can use to better plan your commute.

For more information: hidot.hawaii.gov