Hawaii couple gets family of their dreams through surrogacy

Hawaii Surrogacy supports couples on their new journey

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Some people dream their entire lives of becoming parents, but it may not come to fruition in the end. We spoke with one couple who was able to make their dream a reality with the help of Hawaii Surrogacy. HI Now host Kanoe Gibson spoke with a couple who were able to have the family of their dreams through surrogacy.

Leola and Aaron Myerly have been together for over a decade, and they knew knew from the beginning of their relationship that having a family would be a long and unique journey because of some health issues. They started working with Hawaii Surrogacy back in 2018 and were eventually matched with a wonderful surrogate who got pregnant on the first try.

The couple says Hawaii Surrogacy has been like a family to them, and they were able to work very closely with their coordinator every step of the journey. Their son Logan was born this August, and they say he brings a smile to their face every day.

“We are with you every step of the way,” says Surrogacy Coordinator Breyonna Cadina. “We help parents find the perfect surrogate. We handle the coordination with the lawyers and contracts, financials and compensation provided to the surrogate. We work really closely with the fertility clinic and then the OB and delivery hospital. This is a very complex process and our job is to help parents navigate a surrogacy journey from beginning to end.”

Cadina says the staff at Hawaii Surrogacy end up forming lifelong relationships with its parents.

“We’re so happy to support them on their journey,” she adds.

For couples who may be struggling with infertility, the Myerlys say not to give up or lose hope. Through options like surrogacy, anyone can have the family they’ve always dreamt of.

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