Hank’s Haute Dogs joins 12th annual The Good Table by Lanakila Meals on Wheels

Try Maria's Haute Dog through August 6!

The annual The Good Table by Lanakila Meals on Wheels takes place from July 17 through August 6 this year, and 2020 marks the 12th anniversary.

Traditionally, the annual fundraising event supports the organization’s senior service operations while raising awareness about the plight of senior of hunger. In light of the unprecedented circumstances surrounding COVID-19, the event has been re-conceptualized to serve as a platform to help restaurants generate sales during this challenging time.

From July 17 – August 6, chefs of participating restaurants will create a special dish inspired by the life of a senior currently participating in the Lanakila Meals on Wheels program. Whether inspired by the senior’s hometown, hobby, interest or favorite food, each chef will be provided a senior’s story and must curate a customized entree that will be available for sale in their restaurant for a limited time only. Dine in or take out, each purchase gets restaurants one meal closer to rebuilding their business.

Hank’s Haute Dogs is one of the 24 participating restaurants. Owner Hank Adaniya says the hot dog shop has been participating in The Good Table for the last eight years

“I admire Lanakila’s strong sense of compassionate commitment in caring for our senior community,” he says. “The Good Table was a great way to support that effort.”

Visit Hank’s Haute Dogs before August 6 and be sure to try Maria’s Haute Dog. Maria is the senior who inspired Adaniya to create the dish, and he says their shared past of living in Chicago was his inspiration. Hank’s expresses a variety of culinary culture through its haute dogs, and Adaniya says sometimes crossing borders can be fun.

“Her Texan roots brought back to mind the Mexican food flavors I so love as well,” he says. “I had an immediate affinity to Maria’s background and fusing aspect of those two regional foods was an easy pairing.”

For a full list of participating restaurants, menus and to read the senior stories, you can visit thegoodtable.org.

For more information: thegoodtable.org