Ham Produce and Seafood celebrating 40 year anniversary

HI Now host Kainoa Carlson heads behind the scenes of Ham Produce and Seafood in celebration of their 40th anniversary!

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Ham Produce and Seafood is a locally family-owned business established in 1981. They are your one stop shop for all protein and seafood items. Robert Phu, VP of Operations, says that the company started as a small business, operated by Robert’s aunty and uncle. Over the course of time, the company now employs 160 workers and a fleet of 41 trucks. Typical customers for Ham Produce and Seafood include small mom and pop stores and white tablecloth restaurants in Waikiki.

Ham Produce and Seafood recently installed a new shuttle racking system that helps tremendously in the warehouse. “Because real estate in Hawaii is so expensive, the only way to build is up,” says Robert. The system comes from Sweden and maximizes their capacity by 35%! With this system, Ham Produce and Seafood is able to ship out 25,000 pounds of produce a day.

There are over 180 cameras on the premises and are monitored through large screen TVs in the administrative office. For Robert, family is the core of the business, and day to day administrative operations are run by Robert’s three cousins.

The pandemic was a scary time for Ham Produce and Seafood. Luckily, they were able to pivot and bring everyone back. “I feel very, very fortunate to be where were at,” says Robert.