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Graduation Week: “Don’t Drown Your Future” campaign aims to reduce alcohol abuse among teens

Sponsored by Honolulu Liquor Commission

In an effort to create healthier and safer communities throughout the island, the Honolulu Liquor Commission is kicking off a new campaign called “Don’t Drown Your Future.” The initiative aims to prevent underage drinking, reduce alcohol abuse, make sure liquor laws are being followed by licensees, and raise awareness about the process of properly selling or serving alcohol to patrons of-age. It also hopes to reach parents and educate them on the signs of underage drinking and alcohol abuse.

To launch the campaign, the Honolulu Liquor Commission released a commercial targeting teens and young adults, hoping to inspire them to choose a lifestyle that is alcohol-free, and by doing so, accomplish so much more by living a life that is healthy, happy, and goal-oriented. The commercial features one of Honolulu Liquor Commission’s role model teens: Marcus Hee. Hee is a Roosevelt High School Class of 2019 graduate who will be attending University of Montana to play football.

“I wanted to share with my peers that making good choices with their lives will get them far in life,” Hee said. “You know, we are blessed to live in Paradise to be able to enjoy the outdoors like surfing, hiking our mountains, playing sports, hanging out with family. I am an advocate of keeping myself healthy and fit and not doing anything harmful to my body.”

Hee says he takes care of himself and loves working out, body surfing, and eating good food. He’s able to keep an eye on all of his dreams with a vision board, which helps him to stay focused on achieving those goals and turning them into a reality. “Doing this gives me direction in my life.” Hee plans to graduate from college and earn a degree in either business finance or law.

The Honolulu Liquor Commission partnered with Hawaii News Now to feature an online pledge that teens can sign, indicating their commitment to not participate in underage drinking. All who sign this pledge will be entered to win a day of fun at Kualoa Ranch for them and 11 of their best friends. Sign the pledge here:

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