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GINAI returns to Blue Note with “Divas of Jazz R&B,” helping musicians “Take That Next Step”

Mentorship program helps up-and-coming artists

Jazz singer-songwriter Ginai is back at Blue Note Hawaii with another installment of her hit series, “Divas of Jazz R&B,” on April 7, 2019! She’s also mentoring up-and-coming musicians through their own artistic journey in her program, “Take That Next Step.” She joined HI Now host Kanoe Gibson to talk about how it all started.

At this point in her life, Ginai says she’s all about service. She wants to share her life’s work with anyone who wants to know what she knows or sing like she sings. Ginai has mentored family members as well as songwriters like Jeremy Buenaventura, Nancy Smyth Meyers, and Josh Sharp.

Ginai has also helped bring aspiring singers and performers into the Blue Note Hawaii. including Josh Stephens of the Fresh Preps, Miss Hawaii contestants Chloe Aquino and Maka’ala Perry, and Island Idol contest winners Erisan Awaya and Tatem Foster.

Her next show at Blue Note Hawaii, “Divas of Jazz R&B,” highlights the hit songs from artists who have come before to make their mark on our musical souls. The performance is set for April 7 at 6:30 and 9 p.m. and will focus on the music of Anita Baker, Roberta Flack, and Toni Braxton. The singers Ginai chose to host are Lyric Medeiros, Cathie Barroga, and Rachel Javier, who just won the Omega Talent Hunt for the second year in a row. She says these shows are all fodder for her “Take That Next Step” master classes and she’s proud to help these artists take that next step by offering her 40-plus years of experience of performing onstage and handling audiences.

You can also catch Ginai performing in a Rock Lounge Duo with Alan Okuye at Viaggio Italian restaurant at the Velocity showroom on the second floor on Fridays and Saturdays and at at the Elks Lodge and Waikiki Yacht Club.

For more information:, FB:, IG: @dginai, YouTube: @ginaimusic