Get your Thanksgiving dinner to-go from Zippy’s

Choose from both whole and half turkey packages

Sponsored by Zippy’s

For the past 18 years, Zippy’s Restaurants has been providing delicious Thanksgiving meals for Hawaii families and is thankful to be able to help you maximize your time with your loved ones. This year, Zippy’s will be offering both whole and half turkey packages which will be available for pick up on Thanksgiving Eve or Thanksgiving Day.

All of Zippy’s packages are refrigerated for freshness, and all you have to do is heat up your turkey and sides, allowing you to save precious time to enjoy this holiday with friends and family.

The whole turkey package comes with a whole juicy, 10-12 lb. Butterball turkey that serves 8-10 people — complete with all the sides! The whole turkey only takes about two hours to heat. The sides include traditional stuffing, poultry gravy made with real drippings, housemade cranberry pineapple relish, real mashed potatoes and King’s Hawaiian sweet dinner rolls. You can even add on a pumpkin pie or some maki rolls at a special price while ordering a turkey package!

If you’re a couple planning to spend the Thanksgiving holiday together, the half turkey package is the way to go. This package comes with a 5-6 lb. turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, housemade cranberry pineapple relish, and six King’s Hawaiian sweet dinner rolls.

If you just want a turkey without the sides, Zippy’s offers that too! Order the Whole Turkey Only package and get a 10-12 lb. turkey.

Zippy’s is also offering a convenient drive thru pick up at 12 locations. Time is money and the Zippy’s turkey packages will save you time and effort. You can order online now at through November 22 and save $15 on a whole turkey package! Don’t wait till the last minute. Last year, Zippy’s sold out!

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