Get Down To Eat: Fooki offers Taiwanese specialties at Pearl Kai Shopping Center

Bringing luck and happiness to diners!

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Comfort your stomach, and double your happiness! That’s the motto at Fooki, a new Taiwanese restaurant in Aiea at the Pearl Kai Shopping Center. HI Now host Kainoa Carlson got a chance to taste the specialties on the take out menu.

“The purpose of opening up Fooki is really to introduce my favorite food to people in Hawaii because I just think it’s really delicious and people should really know how Taiwanese food tastes,” says Carrie Huang, Fooki’s co-owner and executive chef. “Taiwanese food has a lot of flavors — a lot of spices. We use a lot of herbs, especially in our seasonings and broths.”

Fooki means luck and happiness, so Huang says the restaurant aims to provide food that makes people feel that joy and bring luck into their life.

Fooki’s most popular dish is the Cowwow Beef Noodle Soup, which is beef stock braised for 12 hours served with fresh vegetable broth.

“When you eat it, it has a sweetness, but it’s not from sugar or any other thing, it’s really from fresh vegetables and fruits,” explains Huang.

Other popular dishes at Fooki include the Mala Wonton, Boom Boom Chicken, and the Chubby Rib Bowl. The restaurant even offers a Black Floral Milk Tea with boba!

“Just feeling grateful to have the opportunity to have a good team — to actually follow a purpose and a dream,” Huang says. “Seeing people loving the food ,or when I see people from Taiwan that are actually happy to see this place open, it brings a lot of accomplishment to feel like I can actually bring that to people who live in Hawaii.”

You can try all these dishes from Fooki by calling (808) 484-9188 to order take out or order online at

For more information:, Facebook @FookiHawaii, or Instagram: @FookiHI