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Get back to work better and faster with REHAB outpatient clinics

Get back to work better and faster with REHAB outpatient clinics

If you recently had an accident or suffered physical or cognitive trauma that put you out of work, REHAB Hospital of the Pacific’s outpatient clinics in Aiea or Hilo may be the answer to getting you back to work better and faster. HI Now host Jobeth Devera is checking out what makes REHAB’s outpatient therapy stand apart from the rest.

REHAB’s satellite clinics in Aiea and Hilo serve as extensions to REHAB Hospital of the Pacific and facilitate a seamless continuum of care for patients and their families. When patients complete their inpatient therapy and go home, they can continue to experience the same high level of patient care they experienced with its inpatient teams at its outpatient clinics.

One of the things that sets REHAB apart from other outpatient therapy facilities is that it specializes in work hardening. If someone has an injury or life changing incident that impacts his or her cognitive or physical abilities, its team helps him or her with regaining the functional capacity to do his or her job and return to work faster.

REHAB Outpatient Clinics are equipped with:
● Full range of staff certified in physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech & language pathology.
● Therapists work one-to-one with each patient to help them meet their goals, despite any physical or cognitive impairments.
● Each and every staff member supports REHAB’s mission in being dedicated to rebuilding lives. They get to know the patient and tailor the rehab prescription to their goals and abilities.
● State-of-the-art technology and equipment.

Services at REHAB at Aiea:
● Pain Free Fridays (extension of our Comprehensive Pain Management Program)
● Fluidotherapy
● Hand Therapy
● Pilates
● Kinesio Taping
● Balance and Core Activities
● Alter-G Treadmill

REHAB at Hilo may be small in size, but it has the full support and resources of REHAB Hospital of the Pacific. Similar to REHAB at Aiea, its staff includes experts in work hardening. Living in a more prominent rural community, there are more people who own farms and do a lot of manual labor-intensive jobs. Its staff helps them regain the functional capacity to do their jobs, return to work faster, and avoid further injury.

Services at REHAB at Hilo:
● Cancer Exercise
● Lymphedema Management
● Hand Therapy
● Physical Therapy
● Occupational Therapy
● Speech & Language Pathology

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