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Future Focus Conference 2019: Par Hawaii & FBI to share tips to protect yourself from cyberattacks

Increased technology use sparks an uptick in cybercrimes

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According to a recent report based on FBI data, Hawaii residents and organizations are more likely to become victims of a cyber attack than any other state in the nation. The constant threats require ongoing vigilance to protect ourselves and to make Hawaii more resilient to cyber disasters.

Will Bales is a supervisory special agent with the FBI’s Honolulu Cyber Squad and says there’s been an increase in cybercrimes because people are using more technology in their lives like smartphones, tablets, Wi-Fi, the Internet of Things devices, e-commerce and other online services.

“As we adopt the use of these tools to make our lives easier, we also increase our vulnerability to cybercrimes,” Bales explains. “Cybercrime is a growing business worldwide, and some estimate it will cause $1 trillion in losses this year.”

Here are some simple precautions you can take to use technology more responsibly and protect yourself:

1) Use only secured sites when submitting sensitive data online.
2) Never use public Wi-Fi for banking and shopping.
3) Enable two-step authentication for every website or application that allows it.
4) Do not reuse your passwords between accounts and websites.
5) Educate your children and seniors in your home about online privacy since they are often vulnerable targets of cybercrimes.

Information technology professionals will be exploring these challenges during The Future Focus Conference 2019, an upcoming cybersecurity conference. The event will focus on efforts to combat sea level rise and other climate change issues through science, engineering, cybersecurity and innovation. The conference will  be exploring topics about preparing for cyberattacks the way we prepare and respond to cyber-disasters and how to build cybersecurity into our resiliency plans.

The two-day conference will take place on October 15 and 16. To register or for more information, you can visit the UH website and search for Future Focus Conference.

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