Furniture shopping made easy at INspiration Interiors

Discover your style through retail therapy

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When it comes to furniture shopping for the first time, knowing where to begin can be tough! Buying furniture for most people is a large financial commitment and really requires time and research to make the right decision. The showrooms at INspiration Interiors were designed to be dream-houses. With help from its design team, the beautiful vignettes allow visitors to see the many possibilities they may not have thought of for their home.

Furniture salesman Dan Malin says that while websites help you discover brands, designs and price points to begin the process, a showroom allows you to engage with the products, discover comfort and function and practice with putting together a cohesive look.

That’s where working with an experienced salesperson comes into play! Having someone guide you through the process is going to help make the experience less stressful and overwhelming.

“We are here to listen and offer our advice through years of experience to ensure you make the best decision for your home and lifestyle,” Malin says. “We want you to love where you live!”

About INspiration Interiors:
In 1997 INspiration Interiors opened its doors and welcomed in the start of “Home Fashion with an Attitude.” From the start, INspiration’s furniture selections strived to be “quality driven instead of price driven.”

Satisfied customers have cheered their approval making INspiration Interiors the fastest growing furniture store in Hawaii. After years of searching, creative planning and inspired dreaming, INspiration Interiors welcomed Hawaii to the multi-level, 80,000 square foot fashion forward Honolulu Design Center in 2006. More than being the flagship home for INspiration Interiors, the Honolulu Design Center is also home for the award-winning fine dining Stage Restaurant; the popular, wine tasting, music loving Amuse Wine Bar; the WiFi meeting, health casual lunch spot Stage Café; and creatively stimulating venue Cupola Events Theatre.

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