From candy lei to crackseed favorites: Give your grad something to snack on

Let them know they're "Most LIkely to Suck Seed!"

Although graduation season might be a little different this year, it’s more important then ever to go all out for our grads! So if you’re looking for a gift, flowers are nice, but candy might be just a little better! Along with its candy lei, Jade Food Products is also offering some yummy treats your grad will love.

Jade Food Products has been making crackseed in Hawaii since 1961. There you’ll find pickled apricot, pickled peach, mango seed, even plum mui, rock salt plum, and of course, li hing mui!

While the Class of 2020 is sure to reach their highest potential and succeed in the future, let them know you think so too with Jade Foods’ “Most Likely to Suck Seed” candy gifts! You can even add a ribbon to the packaging to make it into a candy lei.

Jade Foods started its “Most Likely to Suck Seed” gifts in the classic li hing mui flavor, but they’ve since expanded their flavors and added a number of different colors to include more schools. You gotta rep those school colors! Jade Foods started this line because graduation season is so big in Hawaii, and it wanted to do something fun to help families congratulate grads on all their accomplishments.

The “Most Likely to Suck Seed” treats come in Li HIng Mui (yellow), Li Hing Watermelon (red), Strawberry Belt (green), Li Hing Sour Bears (purple), and Li Hing Gummy Bears (blue).

To get your hands on these for your grad, visit You can also find them at Foodland, Walmart, and the Navy Exchange.

About Jade Food Products:

Jade Food Products is a family owned and operated provider of crackseed snacks since 1961. Its process has remained untouched for 60 years, allowing the company to maintain the consistent flavors and aloha it has become known for in the community. Jade Foods is proud to be the only manufacturer entirely based in Hawaii and strives to serve its customers with the highest quality. In addition to our crackseed, Jade Foods also distributes a wide variety of candy, seafood, and Asian snacks.

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